In Philly, Boston or Baltimo’e

Well, I promised some news, and some folks know this already, but yesterday at 4:30am, I got in the beetle and moved some of my stuff up to Livermore, CA to begin work as Executive Director of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center.  I would have to say that they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Well, to be honest, the place was so intriguing to me that, while I don’t think I would have paid them to do the job, it would have been pretty hard to pass up at any price!

I am now sitting typing this in a delightful little cottage, a five minute walk from downtown Livermore, while David is watching Peter Pan LIVE! in Palm Springs.  I am only slightly jealous and look forward to watching it with him next week when I am back in PS.  David is going to stay in Palm Springs and while very nervous about this major change in our lives, has been very encouraging and supportive.  So, I arrived yesterday at about noon, took a look at this little studio cottage that is perfectly located and, while small, is really nicely appointed.  It also has the benefit of only being slightly less expensive than a NYC studio apartment.  The good part is that for this price, it isn’t up five flights of stairs!!  Once I get settled into the job and get a better sense of the town, I will start to look for something a little larger.

As I said, David has been great, and in some ways, my not being there, or the prospect of my not being there, has made him more independent and I think his speech is much better.  We have been going to Occupational Therapy, and Carla has taken him to his appointments while I have been here.  I will be working half time in December, but begin full time in January, so we have the benefit of a little bit of ramping up.  Next week when I am back in Palm Springs, we will finalize arrangements for David’s caregivers.  We interviewed an agency and some individuals and Donovan has been great about filling in and spending time with David.

The night before I left, we went to the McCallum Theatre to see A John Waters Christmas.  It was pretty funny, and even though the theatre seats about 2,000+, it felt like you were at a cocktail party with John Waters and he was just sharing Christmas memories and thoughts.  I will say, if you were thinking about it, don’t send John an email Christmas Card.  He doesn’t like them.  He would prefer that you bought cards at Goodwill and drew rude pictures on them!  I was disappointed that there was only one Divine tribute drag queen in the audience, but was happy that the audience, while mostly gay, was not completely gay.

Anyway, wish us both luck on this new adventure!  Yes, yet another new adventure!

5 thoughts on “In Philly, Boston or Baltimo’e

  1. How wonderful and exciting for you! I have no doubt that you and David will figure out the logistics of a commuter marriage. Hugs to you both.

  2. Good Luck, Scott, to you in this great-sounding new job, and to David in his new schedule. Love will conquer all as it has done all this time. Sniles and hugs for the holidays and the new year.

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