By eight the morning fog must disappear

Alright, it was ten, but not bad.  Yesterday it was quite foggy in Livermore and a bit chilly, but at ten in the morning, the sun broke through and burned the fog off.  Once the fog had gone, I picked up my car, went to work for a while and then hopped in the car and drove to Palm Springs.  It was pretty foggy all the way through the central valley, but cleared up as I came across the pass into Los Angeles.  A bit of traffic, but I made OK time and it was so nice to see David!  We both went to sleep pretty early and got up early this morning.  He is doing much better and shooed me away when I tried to help when he was ready to shower.  To think that a month and a half ago he wouldn’t have thought of trying to shower by himself.  I have to say, I was a bit surprised when he came walking down the hall all dressed.  The only thing that he couldn’t do was tie his shoes.  I know, I know, velcro.  I will see if he will go for them.

We had his workout session with Bill at noon, and he really put him through the ringer.  I was worried because we had Occupation Therapy right after Bill was done.  David was fine though.  He laid down for about ten minutes and then we were off to OT.  There was an intern working with him today, and she played cards with David.  It was really pretty good to do.  He had to say the suits that he was playing and had to hold the cards in his left hand.  I now have the cards out and we will start to play more.

Sorry it has been a while.  Work has been great.  Lots to do and most of it is really great.  I have to say, it is nice to be back in my element!  David and Donovan come up to Livermore for a visit the first week of February, which will be lots of fun.

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