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I just read that Richard Glatzer, the co-writer of Still Alice passed away, and was saddened by the news.  David, Donovan and I went to see the the film when they were visiting last month.  There were many moments in the film that David and I related to, and I heard an interview with Wash Westmoreland and his Husband, Richard on NPRwhile I was driving back from San Francisco.  There was something inspiring and hopeful about the way they continued working even while fight Richard’s ALS.

I wrote this over a week ago, but never finished or posted it.  Since then, I have been back to Palm Springs, and David and I performed at the SongShine performance of Carousel.  Did I ever mention on here that I have a new found respect for Leslie Uggams and her going up on the lyrics of “June is busting out all over”.  What a song!  Here is a clip from the performance.   David will kill me when he sees that this has been posted.  Or I think he will, perfectionist that he is.  The sad part is that I taped this from my lap and all you can really hear is my voice.  I was a sort of ringer.
Things are going well here in Livermore.  I am really (no, really) on the road to buying the Pickle House.  I think that I will be in by around the first or second week of May.  I am looking forward to having a real closet.  Simple joys.  We are also working on a Film Festival at the Bankhead and I may be producing some sort of play next spring.  That will be fun/terrifying!

A livermore story:  I was walking to the theatre tonight to see Ukrainian pianist, Stanislav Khristenko at the theatre, and as I turned the corner, there was a crowd of cowboys raising money for the Livermore Rodeo.  Did I ever tell you that the Livermore Rodeo is the fastest rodeo in the world.  We also have the longest burning light bulb in the world.  I get the light bulb, but I am not sure what the fastest rodeo even means.  Hopefully someone explains it to me.  I think I want to rewrite the lyrics to “The Farmer and the Cowman should be friends” from Oklahoma! to  “The Physicist and the Cowman should be Friends”.  There was also a half marathon today in town, and there were crowds and crowds of people.  I might add, that  by the look of many of them, they weren’t running a half marathon or even for that matter a quarter marathon.

Tonight at the theatre, there was a lot of talk about the Steinway and the work that I had approved to make it ready for this concert.  Stanislav gave the piano quite a workout! I can say that the work was a success, but still a work in progress.  I thought the concert was wonderful.

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