You are looking very well, weren’t you clever dear to survive!

Well, it has been too long, and recently I have gotten some emails asking when I would start this back up again, so, here’s an attempt.  It has been a challenging couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago, David had a fall.  He was getting up and coming into the kitchen and just lost his balance and fell.  Initially, he was just a little shaken and sore, but the next day he was in real pain, so we went to urgent care, and they sent us to the ER.  He got checked out, and not internal bleeding and nothing broken.  So, home we went with some pain medication.

A week later, he passed out while on the toilet, so I called 911 and they came and took him to the hospital.  This time it was a drop in his blood pressure caused by dehydration and constipation.  So, home again.  The most unfortunate part was it shook his confidence.  Just before the fall, he had worked up to walking around the block five times.  Today he got back up to three times.

So, things are going OK here in Livermore.  Aside from needing to sell more tickets, we are doing great.  David is not in love with the town, but folks are very nice and I really am enjoying work.  David has two folks who are friends through the theater who come to read to him each twice a week, and the daughter of our Director of Finance comes and tutors him on the day when they don’t come.  I actually think they don’t do so much tutoring, but just have fun.

In June, we will be heading to Paris for a week to see Alex, Claire, Theo and Vincent, and then return to San Francisco with Claire, Theo and Vincent.  Alex will be coming back in July for most of the summer.  Both of us are really looking forward to Paris and the summer with them.  We have a house a Donner Lake for a week, which I hear is beautiful.  We have a subscription to SF Ballet and on Sunday we are going to see the next program.  Two pieces – Dances at a Gathering and Swimmer.  I am excited for David to see Swimmer.  I saw it last year, and it was amazing. We are also going out to lunch at a place we walked by that looked great called Monsieur Benjamin.

As I said, I can’t complain.  Life is great here, and I can’t say it enough – the weather is great.  Just getting warmer, not that it really got cold.  Although David does complain about the cold, and we did have about five days of rain (mixed with sun).  It makes everything look green, so it’s a good thing.  The house is great and close to downtown, so we stroll a lot, and I can walk home from work in about three minutes.

Well, that’s enough for tonight.  Tomorrow, I promise I will write and maybe about the next season or the film festival which is coming in May.  Tomorrow we are going to the Livermore Valley Opera’s production of The Italian Girl in Algiers.

4 thoughts on “You are looking very well, weren’t you clever dear to survive!

  1. Thank you, thank you, for getting back in touch. I hope David continues to walk and listen and learn while the sun shines and the theatrical beat goes on. Love to you both, Susan Willens

  2. So happy for the email! David, I am sorry for the setbacks but am happy to learn that you are up and at Em again. You will need to be in shape to cope with the family visit! Love to you both. Pat

  3. Thanks for your post! I’m glad to hear David is back up to walking. How frustrating to have those falls, though. Please give him my best. I’m pretty jealous that you have such a short commute! We just finished a phenomenal run of the musical “Legally Blonde”. We have a new drama teacher, in his 2nd yr at Burke whom I hired from the Shakespeare Theatre education program, and a first year chorus teacher, who just finished a masters at Westminster Choir College. They are both outstanding and we had 47 kids in the show, an all-student pit except for me, Dayton, and Max the choir teacher, and also my dog Jackie stole the show as Rufus, Paulette’s dog! Wish you guys were closer, all the best!! John Howard

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