The coffee cup, I think about you

I will be quick.  A lot changes in thirteen days.  David is not making a solo trip back east.  Sorry.  I think we will plan a visit in the fall though for both of us.  Nothing terrible happened, and actually, he is doing better – back up to five time around the block.  He is just nervous about traveling on his own.  We may fly to Palm Springs and I will let him try to do as much as possible without me.  Harder for me, I think, than David.  I still have to remind myself that he doesn’t need me to do everything for him.

Otherwise, things are good.  It is getting warmer in Livermore.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 90 tomorrow.  Sorry about the snow for many of you in the Northeast.  We are working on finishing up our season for 2016/17 and I am very pleased with how it is looking.  Lots of great artists and it has a little bit for everyone.

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  1. It’s good to hear from you guys. Glad to hear that it’s getting warmer, and that the Center is going well. Candi

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